11 June 2009

Best Buy!!!!

Picture from left to right :

1. Matt Finish Face Gel (100 ml)
- a fresh and light gel formulated with fruit acids to control sebum secretions for long lasting anti-shine skin.

2. Energizing Water (100 ml)
- adding energy water

3. Ultra Fresh Relaxing Body Gel (100 ml)
- refresh and rejuvenate! Formulated with peppermint extract, the light textured gel is easily absorbed to ease tired muscles and restore skin to its optimal condition.

4. Active Face Wash (150 ml)
- formulated with Hamamelis, Rosemary and Mint, the refreshing foaming gel cleanser gently removes impurities and prepares the skin for nourishment.Skin feels clean, revitalized and supple after use.

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