09 July 2009

Letter for not attending the class

Re : Excuse for not coming to class on 2nd July 2009, Thursday

As stated above,I, ,I/C no, with ID no. KI090075 was unable to come on 2nd July 2009 because of some reason.

2) The reason why I didn`t show up to class is that I had an appointment that can`t be missed on that particular day.I had an appointment with the government dental`s hospital.Becouse the appointment was already made earlier, so it was not changeable.

3) Therefore, I would like to say sorry for not attending the class.I definitely would have come to the class if the appointment was excusable.I will try my best to catch things up on the next class.Thank you.



*to Miss Chuah Ai Ling and Professor Shahimi.
*thanks to Leya and Salleh.

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Nakemah San said...

thanx 4da guide. i copy! :)